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Sumner Mfg EL-405 Stacker Lift

Sumner Mfg EL-405 Stacker Lift

  • Manufacturer: Sumner Manufacturing
  • Model Number: 784650

EL-405 Stacker Lift

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• Standard Features
• 400 Lb. / 180 Kg lifting capacity
• 53" / 135 cm lifting height
• Two speed winch handle position
• Quick action wheel brake
• Large lifting surface
• Ideal, adjustable work platform for repair shops
• Great for loading customer vehicles Large lifting tray - 24" x 28" (61 cm x 71 cm) Quick action retention strap holds lift on tray. Strap features retractor to house loose strap. Strap has seat belt style push-button release and ratchet tightening mechanism